Workplace Training in St. Louis


Kalal Training will partner with you to deliver your material onsite as your representative.  We do it seamlessly, so that all people see is your organization. Partner companies value us for that very reason – we make them look good. 

We engage people in group discussions and learning activities, so that off-the-shelf material is “customized” on site and learners get maximum benefit from our seminars.  Best of all: they identify actions they will use on the job.

The positive evaluations from those learners and their supervisors generate repeat business from highly satisfied customers.

Kalal Training Associates has facilitated learning sessions in person and through webinars for employees and managers on a variety of workplace issues like

  • Communication Skills
  • Respect
  • Reducing the Risk of Violence
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and to collaborate on the best learning solution for your workplace. We look forward to hearing from you!