Workplace Training in St. Louis


Kalal Training will engage any group of employees and/or managers in discussion on the workplace issues you identify to help solve problems or to gain employee input for process improvement or mission and vision statements. 

We set the stage for discussion; assign topics; and provide a safe environment where people can share ideas.  Then we integrate those ideas in a way that everyone feels heard and you receive feedback you can use.

At one change management seminar, group members were so angered by upcoming workplace changes, that we paused the training and facilitated a discussion to clear the air.  We empathized with the truth these people shared and used open ended questions to solicit further views and feelings.  After summarizing the input, we highlighted two to three key ideas from the training that would help them adapt to the change safely and with integrity.

The result: a standing ovation from the group and several outspoken individuals offering spontaneous thanks for listening and respecting their views.  The company now had employees who would continue doing quality work safely while difficult changes proceeded.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and to collaborate on the best learning solution for your workplace. We look forward to hearing from you!