Workplace Training in St. Louis

Workplace Learning and Group Facilitation in St. Louis

Kalal Training Associates facilitates learning about workplace issues like managing change, dealing with stress, and effective listening through in person group sessions, webinars, and podcasts!

You get:
Employees and Managers discuss real workplace issues and how to apply them effectively with each other and customers and follow up sessions to help people apply what they learn.

Recent Examples:

  • A call center wanted stress management training because changes were coming soon, and no one knew what to expect. Kalal Training delivered an Employee Assistance Program’s standard material on stress and encouraged people to talk back and disagree. They did!

    The result: A lively discussion, and they left with practical ways to use the knowledge in their unique situations.

  • A regional health center wanted training for all managers to help reduce the risk of workplace violence. We engaged them in discussion about what they were likely to see in their environment and taught them how to identify possible early warning signs as well as how to respond early to reduce the risk of harm.

    The result: An employee assistance program whom I represented liked the training so much that they used it as a proposal for system wide training with another health care client.